Funded By:

Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad








The subproject ASLP-MULAN-UZ focuses the following objectives:

  • To develop robust and efficient Audio and Speech Processing techniques for the extraction and unsupervised conditioning of all the information contained in the audio track of multimedia documents. These techniques include:
    • Automatic transcription.
    • Acoustic event, speaker, language, and emotional state detection.

  • To improve the performance of those systems with special emphasis on unsupervised adaptation to the current speaker or environment found in the document.
  • To develope useful and efficient tools that could fulfill the requirements of the companies potentially interested in order to foster the techology transfer of the achievements.

The group is committed to use the experience and knowledge acquired in this project to promote its own internationalization following the steps already taken with the FP7 IAPP Marie Curie action IRIS currently in progress.